Financial Assistance

Candlelighters is a parent-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that organizes a complete support network for children and their families. We educate, support, serve and advocate for families of children with cancer and other blood disorders, bereaved families, survivors of childhood cancer, and the professionals that care for us.

Financial Assistance and Resource Program (FARP)

The staff at CCCFSA work closely with the pediatric oncology social workers at the local treating hospital (Banner UMC Tucson) to ensure that families are connected with all available local and national resources. Unfortunately, all of these community resources combined fall short in meeting the full needs of our families. The FARP program decreases this gap by way of two program components. The first is by providing financial assistance for such things as utility bills, rent or car payments, gas and grocery cards, etc. The second is by providing one on one mentoring to identify each family’s specific needs and ensure that the family has knowledge of any additional options available to them (e.g. local low-income utility programs, etc) . Families are provided with helpful tips and resources found to be useful when navigating through systems that often require strong self advocacy. This is a popular topic at many of our events, when families network and provide mutual support and information.

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